1 billion to the DCI to fight cyber-crime

Sidney, we are certainly on the same page. Due process when it comes to
public funds and governance is an ideal that we must adhere to.

This would be the dogmatic/ idealistic approach – strict adherence to the
laid down laws.

Now. I am just but an ordinary citizen here. Almost a complete nobody in
the hierarchy. What am I to do about this situation?

We are living in times when the government of the day is apparently
disregarding direct court orders. Dissent is being cracked on heavily.

The only option I have is to invoke the pragmatic nature that is my
favourite philosophical school of thought and admit that the situation is
what it is and these funds will be spent however they want to. All I can
hope for is that they will make a significant impact towards improving the
state of cyber security in our country.

Otherwise if there are people who are willing to join me in a protest march
to the DCI HQ, or State House …..

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