1 billion to the DCI to fight cyber-crime

The resent happenings are making us develop hypergraphia.

Good questions Washington. We have not only lost independence of CA, but of
every other institution we bragged as independent.

Jaindi Kisero\’s prophecy has come.

A country goes down the slippery slope if there are enough collaborators to
subvert the law from orders of the Emperor. It rubbish the purpose of board
oversight as Ali is always preaching. From what we have gathered so far
from exposé and the leaked memos at CA, Wangusi is one man who rejected
illegal orders.

We fought so hard to have a functional USF kitty, and a USF board too which
was to decide how the marginalised in Lamu and Lokichar would have
comparable communication experience to those in Nairobi. But that is now
water down the drain. I\’m calling for the *disbandment* of the USF board
for failing the Kenyan people. Watu bure kabisa.

CA through USF is NOT collecting funds from Telcos to to fund policing. I
want to posit here that USF funds do not belong to the central government.
They belong to mwananchi who wants comparable communication as that
experienced in major cities marginalised

Poor governance is infectious. We are the average of the friends we keep.
So depending on the region a country is in, gains can be eroded by the
neighbours. It started with Burundi, and rolled all over the region (Ukiona
mwenzako akinyolewa…) . Conversely, positive gains are also seen in the
Region where democracy is starting to flourish, an example being ECOWAS
region… Remember Gambia. Senegal and Nigeria and Ghana have really shown
the world what true democracy looks like.

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