🚗 Data Protection Act 2019 Vs Dashboard Cameras and Vehicle Telematics and Minors 📹


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In an increasingly tech-savvy world, Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of
Transport – Kipchumba Murkomen
is considering mandatory dashboard cameras and vehicle telematics in public
and commercial vehicles. While this promises safety and accountability, it
raises concerns, especially for minors.

👍Positive Impacts

1. 🛡️Enhanced Safety: These can serve as valuable tools in ensuring
passenger/drivers safety, as they can provide evidence in the event of
accidents, disputes, or security incidents.

2. 👩‍✈️Improved Driver Behavior: Can encourage responsible driving,
thereby reducing accidents and promoting road safety.

3. 🚚Fleet Management: Can help fleet operators optimize routes, monitor
fuel consumption, and improve efficiency.

👎Negative Impacts

1. 🕶️Privacy Concerns: The Data Protection Act 2019 mandates that personal
data, must be handled with utmost care. Continuous video recording and data
collection may infringe on the privacy rights of individuals.

2. 🔐Data Security: Inadequate data security measures can expose sensitive
information to unauthorized access, leading to potential risks for minors,
such as identity theft or online bullying and exploitation.

3. 📜Consent Issues: It is essential to ensure that informed and explicit
consent is obtained from data subjects and legal guardians.

4. 📍Location Tracking: Vehicle telematics systems include GPS tracking,
which can reveal the exact location of the vehicle and, by extension, the
movements of persons, raising concerns about their safety.

5. 📊Data Exploitation: Collected data could be exploited, shared, or sold
without consent, leading to the potential misuse of personal information
about minors.

⚖It is imperative to strike a balance between benefits of these
technologies and the protection of individuals’ rights, comprehensive
measures need to be put in place. The enforcement of dashboard cameras and
vehicle telematics can undoubtedly bring positive changes to the
transportation sector. However, it is of paramount importance to ensure
that data protection and the privacy is taken into account.

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